Our Story


The inspiration for AQUA D’ KEYS came from the four of us, Dominik, Ron, Maurizio, and Todd, long-time friends who live our life here in the Florida Keys. We are passionate about the Keys lifestyle and love to share it with our family and friends. However, whenever company came to visit, or when we wanted to find a gift that was uniquely representative of life here, we were challenged in finding something that would be symbolic of the Keys or that adequately reflects the unique character of Keys living.

Apart from our amazing local artists, which are in a class all of their own, there are only seashells, T-shirts, and the usual Key West-branded knick-knacks, the types you see in every city or airport gift shop,there is nothing that truly captures the essence of the Keys.

How do you capture the sight of the vibrant hues you see when boating or kayaking in the emerald waters? Or the smell of the salty air and sense of calmness and escape that comes over you when stepping off the plane. Or that unwinding feeling that comes the farther you drive when entering the Keys down scenic US1. Or the sultry scent of the flora while strolling through Old Town or biking across the island chain. When you visit the Keys, or live here, you know the vibe. You know the scents. You know the feeling it brings. Imagine if you could capture that, and have something you take back with you that truly embodies that essence of Keys Life?

And so, we began thinking. It is no surprise that the sense of smell is closely linked with memory. Smell can often conjure up memories so well that many people feel they are experiencing the event all over again. We all know of scents that bring back memories of past events, travels, encounters, trips, and even heartfelt emotional moments. What better way to capture the essence of the Keys lifestyle than through scents! And just like that, the idea for AQUA D’ KEYS was born.

So, how did we come up with our scents? Each of our signature scents are inspired by and are designed from our own experiences of the Keys lifestyle. Each scent is designed to recall that special feeling, that calming sublime vibe, of memories made.

We are proud of our signature scents and invite you to come see us and experience “The Scent of the Keys” for yourself at our fragrance boutique when here in Key West, or through our online store. We hope you, too, will agree our scents capture and embody the essence of the Keys experience — Escaping, Unwinding, Imagining — and are the perfect connection that brings you back to a place you will long to return to, over and over again.


1075 Duval St C9
Key West, FL 33040
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